From Concrete To Nature

Nature in simple is being close to the environment. Everything around us is nature. Trees, birds, the air we breathe, rivers, mountains, the wide ocean etc everything is part of nature including us, human beings. In the past man believed that nature was god. The early human beings adored the environment around them and valued it. They knew the importance of Mother Nature and took every measure to protect it. Less damage was done to the environment and they feared cutting tress and polluting rivers and streams is as cruel as disobeying god and that they would be punished. However the industrial revolution took place in the eighteenth century and people started using machines. This made man drift away from nature. Human started destroying nature prioritizing machines and engines. This have worked adversely damaging nature largely in a way that it could not be recovered.

Man however have started to realize these negative effects of environmental damage. The harm we caused to the environment had resulted in various natural disasters and are the cause for Tsunamis, landslides, floods and soil erosions. The pollution has also caused damages to the health of people resulting in many respiratory diseases and also mental illnesses such as stress and depression. This is why modern man have started to adopt back in to nature with everything they do in their day to day life. Especially in the fields of construction and innovations, people have adopted nature into their constructions. Instead of concrete or cement walls people have started constructing modern walls using natural substances such as stunning pavers.

These are less harmful for the environment than concrete or cement constructions. This constructions made of limestone are also beautiful and is very strong, therefore is durable. Check this site the perfect limestone to your living space.

There is also a higher demand for clay pots and pans. People were adopted to use aluminium pots and pans. But this also have caused in health issues because some food items acts adversely with these aluminium objects and turns poisonous. Doctors therefore advice people to use clay pots and pans instead of aluminum pots and pans. Modern inventions have also been diverted in the direction of being more eco-friendly. There are home appliances that are invented to prevent emitting of less gas to the environment. For example; refrigerates and gas burners.

There are heaters and modern house equipments that works with solar energy. That is the sun’s rays is used to operate these equipments thereby saving energy. This is less harmful for the environment. The governments of various countries have taken measures to deviate people from the concrete world and rules such as a green test for vehicles have been made compulsory.